Golf Course Update - in order to keep members fully updated of developments on the golf course, we will be distributing a course update following every Committee Meeting.

Course Update - MARCH/APRIL 2021

  • Course in general is slowly recovering from a tough cold and harsh winter. We were closed for 57 days recently with either frost or ice/snow cover. Some fine turf areas on greens and approaches have been significantly impacted with reduced grass cover in low lying areas and very soft underfoot conditions. We have also had a lot of golf traffic since we returned to play to date.


  • All greens and approaches have been sprayed with a liquid iron /fertilizer and seaweed mix to try and lift growth and improve colour.

  • They have also had their first cut at 7mm with pedestrian mowers.

  • Greens have been top-dressed with medium coarse sand.

  • All greens will be deep spiked and sanded again soon as weather permits. We are going to gravel band 17th and 15th to try and dry out as they are lying very wet at present and definitely not playable in their present condition.


  • All areas have been all cleaned up and cut at 10mm with triplex mower, they have also been top-dressed with sand.

  • An application of 25.5.8 fertilizer has also been applied to tees.

    Winter Works Progress

  • Drainage works have been completed on wet walk of area on left of 18th green and low-lying area on right of 15th green.

  • Work has started on drainage at 15th fairway and cut-off channels have been installed.

  • Worn path edges at 1st and 16th tees have been re-turfed, still awaiting tar for path at 1st.

  • Scrub and young trees have been cleared from right of 1st hole, still some work to do to finish area. Also, trees and scrub cleared on left side 12th hole to allow left side pin positions on green to be visible from tee. Hopefully we can get roots removed and re-level area so we can cut a few strips of semi-rough along that side of hole.

  • Grass dump bins have been built at rear of 8th and 6th greens. Further ones to be installed at 4th, 9th and 16th.

  • Installed new handicap sign at clubhouse.

  • Inside shed refurbishment and re-organizing to create more space done in inclement weather.

  • All course furniture, hazard posts and benches re-painted.

  • Pathway at 11th tee has been cleaned up, edged and red blaize added.

  • Most machinery has had winter service completed.

  • Irrigation system has been primed and set up for season.


    Archie Dunn