Golf Course Update - in order to keep members fully updated of developments on the golf course, we will be distributing a course update following every Committee Meeting.

Course Update - MAY to August 2020

  • As you all are aware, I have been maintaining the course myself  over the past 8 weeks with some help from my son Johnathon, to try and keep  the place ticking over as best as possible. We have only been limited to doing mostly essential maintenance tasks as guided by the R & A and government guidelines.

  • Most people will forget we came into this situation in early spring following the worst 2 months of rain in January/February for ten years and a very wet saturated golf course. Thankfully the weather and ground conditions have totally flipped over and we now have an extremely dry, firm course with us only having had 11 mm rain in last 7 weeks and that was only on 2 rain days. The irrigation system installed last year has proved a very sound investment and has been on constantly for the last few weeks  on greens tees and approaches on a daily basis .We are averaging around a 3-4% loss on evaporation every day with the extremely cold northerly winds that we have been experiencing lately this followed some very warm temperatures for previous weeks. Grass growth has been extremely inconsistent with varying temperatures and low moisture levels.

  • The course at present is looking good visually and we have generally just about managed to keep on top of  grass cutting tasks weekly and keep nutritional requirements on main areas to a level that sustains good turf health and decent playing conditions.

  • There are many areas out-with this, that have had no work done to them such as bunkers, penalty areas and general pathways that remain outstanding.

  • Our winter work programme was pretty decimated with wet weather and drainage projects have not been started at rear of 3rd green, 15th fairway or 16th green.

  • New drainage has been installed at rear of the 13th green and a stand up drain catchment should reduce any flooding in this area, turfing works still have to be completed as and when turf becomes available from suppliers.

  • 16th green has had turf removed from wet area  on rear left side and drainage tracks and further drains will be dug when contactors machine becomes available and staff resources are present. I would estimate that the green would be out of play until August to allow turf to mature and works to be completed. The approach area will be cut down to a reasonable height and maintained to allow for temporary use as a green.

  • New drainage outlets and catchment channels have been installed on paths at 6th and 14th which will hopefully reduce wash outs and constant maintenance.

  • Greens have been recently spiked with 12mm solid tines and are only being cut 3 or 4 times per week at a height of 4mm. They look ok but are very inconsistent, bumpy and slow only running around 6 to 6.5 on stimpmeter. The greens will have to have heights reduced slowly over forthcoming weeks and cutting frequency increased with at least a couple of heavy sand topdressings applied to improve trueness and ball roll, unfortunately there is no sand available at present as quarry’s have been closed for 8 weeks.

  • Tees and fairways were divoted by volunteers and juniors a few weeks ago and holes are starting to recover very slowly.

  • There has been extensive rabbit damage on some fairways and tees and holes should be refilled before any play resumes .We have had a rabbit trapper on site and shooting done in last couple weeks to try and reduce populations.

  • As previously mentioned bunkers have had no maintenance done for 3 months. They will require to be edged and all stones removed and cleaned up. Bases will then be rotovated and sand re- distributed and shaped. Some bunkers are very low on sand and will require topping up. I would estimate it would take 10 to 14 days with 3 guys to get back to normal conditions.

  • New tee markers were ordered in early march but as yet we have not received them. I have been assured that we will have our old ones returned asap to at least give us something to use in meantime.

  • Each pin will have a ball retrieving system fitted to it to enable the pins not to be touched in play by golfers though these are still to arrive.

  • We will have to decide when golf restarts what level of maintenance will be required and achievable with staffing levels and available time as I presume we will be very busy for a few weeks .