Golf Course Update - in order to keep members fully updated of developments on the golf course, we will be distributing a course update following every Committee Meeting.

Course Update - NOVEMBER 2020

  • It’s been very wet in October and here’s the proof!

    Rainfall stats for October in the last 5 years:

    2015      53mm

    2016      73mm

    2017      74mm

    2018      47mm

    2019      95mm

    2020      248mm

    As numbers above show, we have had an extremely wet spell of rainfall resulting in a very saturated golf course over a sustained period. Many areas on course are very wet and unstable underfoot. Our poorer built greens: 6, 11, 15 and 17 are very soft and becoming un-puttable due to foot-printing and pitch-marking. We had planned to scarify and heavily top-dress all greens after hollow-coring but this hasn’t been possible so far due to the extremely wet conditions.

    Preferred lies on all fairways will be in place from this week and fairway mats will start around end of month depending on ongoing ground conditions. (An iron shot from any tee must be from a mat).

    Extensive leaf clearance on all areas on course is ongoing throughout this month.

    All winter greens will be marked out and spiked then cut shortly. Holes will also be cut.

    All tees have been deep spiked and hollow-cored and will be scarified and top-dressed as conditions permit.

    All approaches have been deep spiked.

    Greens, tees and approaches will be fertilised shortly.

    All fairways will be deep spiked with large tines before end of November by contractors. They will then be sprayed with iron and some liquid fertiliser to deter moss and help maintain good grass cover over the winter months.

    The old clay drain at the rear of 3rd green  which has recently being flooding the 4th tee and surrounding areas, has been connected to a new drain across the front of the tee and will be connected to further drainage on 15th. The low wet area on back left of 3rd green has also be drained.

    Proposed Autumn/Winter projects depending on weather and available budgets:

    Turfing works on 16th green and repairs to swale on 13th rear surround.

    Further drainage works to wet areas on 15th fairway.

    Sand banding/drainage on wet 11th, 15th, 17th greens.

    Drains and channelling on pathway at 8th tee.

    New sleeper steps on front set 10th tee.

    Rebuild grass dump bins around course.

    Ditch clearance and strimming on 11th, 15th and practice ground. Also ponds at 9th and 12th cleaned out.

    Scrub clearance on right side 1st hole, hillside at left 15th, left 6th tee and left 6th green. Also left sides of 7th and 8th holes on edges of fairways.

    Remove and trim selected birch trees on left of 12th hole to improve sight line from tee to left proportion of green.

    Hedge cutting at rear 3rd and 9th tees and rear 6th tees. Also, perimeter hedges on 14th, 15th, and 18th holes. 

    Refurbishing and painting of all course furniture and benches.

    As of the start November we have only 2 full time staff working on course doing our winter scheduled 6hrs daily. One of our staff has recently retired and the other one has been made redundant. We would therefore like to thank both Hugh and David for their work over the years. We have also got a lot of outstanding annual leave to take as not had any through the season so bear with us!