Golf Course Update - in order to keep members fully updated of developments on the golf course, we will be distributing a course update following every Committee Meeting.

Course Update - SEPTEMBER 2020

  • The course in general recently has been very soft and wet with 186 mm rainfall recorded for the month of August. There has also been very low sunlight levels with much cooler temperatures for time of year.

    Levels of golf have been high over recent weeks with heavy wear to tees especially par 3 holes and landing areas on fairways.

    With weather being extremely wet we have been very busy trying to prepare course for daily play and keeping aggressive grass growth in all areas to a reasonable level of presentation. All cutting has required extensive cleaning up to remove heavy grass clippings and keep surfaces clean and free from debris.

    Greens have been putting well recently when dry and running fairly quickly and ball roll has been smooth.

    Poorly constructed and wetter greens ie 1, 6, 15 and 17 have struggled with wetter conditions and have been spiked regularly to try and keep playable and reduce flooding, they have also suffered badly with anthracnose, basal root rot disease due to saturated conditions. Areas that have thinned out have been hand spiked and over-seeded with bent seed.

    All greens have been recently fed with an Autumn fertiliser and sprayed regularly to keep nutritional levels topped up due to high loss with extreme rainfall.

    The 16th green has had drainage channels installed and connected to existing main drain. The wet area at rear of green has had old turf removed and cleaned up, compacted soil base has been rotovated and new rootzone will be added to top up to existing contours ready for re-turfing. We hope to have all turfing works completed before end of the month. The whole green has also been hollow cored with 17mm tines to reduce thatch on top layer and improve surface firmness and percolation. We will also scarify and top-dress shortly.

    Bunkers on course have been very hard and wet over recent months with wet weather and raking only being done at weekends  due to reduced staff levels, player levelling has been being very minimal leaving them in poor condition and difficult to play from most of time. We will hopefully try and get some of the greenside bunkers rotovated in next few weeks to improve playability.

    Some paths around the course have been tidied up and releveled with blaize added to fill potholes to improve appearance and keep clean. Channel interceptor drainage installed earlier this year has greatly improved wash out areas at 6th and 14th, with 1st pathway being the worst requiring constant repairs and re-levelling.

    Par 3 tees have been badly worn out over recent months and these will be scarified then over-seeded and top-dressed heavily in the next few weeks to try and improve surface levels and grass coverage.

    All fairways will be sprayed with iron and soluble fertiliser to improve sward density and appearance and reduce worm casting.

    We have had some new machinery on demonstration recently with a John Deere semi-rough unit and a Blec over-seeder helping us get tasks done quicker. The extra fairway mower we have had on loan from Gleneagles has proven to be a huge asset enabling us to get fairways cut much quicker in between golf.

    Staffing levels have been reduced with one member of staff still on furlough scheme since March and we are grateful for help from junior members for weekend bunker raking duties and divotting being done by them and member volunteers.

    General etiquette from some members has been very poor recently with trolleys/buggies on tees and surrounds of greens/approaches on a regular basis and pitch marks not being repaired. General disregard for course from younger male full members has been very evident.

    We will be hollow-coring the greens most prevalent to flooding (6, 11 and 15) after the Legacy Cup.