Golf Course Update - in order to keep members fully updated of developments on the golf course, we will be distributing a course update following every Committee Meeting.

Course Update - JUNE/JULY 2022

  • In general, the course has been in good playing condition since the start of the season with feedback mostly positive from both members and visitors alike.
    The weather has been favourable and rainfall has been down on average. In March we had 38mm of rain compared to the usual average of 70mm. April saw 29mm of rainfall (average 45mm) and in May we had 62mm which was close to the 65mm average.
    More recently with the temperatures rising we have seen some good growth on all surfaces and most of our time has been spent with regular cutting and tidying of all close mown areas.

    All greens cut daily with triple mower and height of cut has gradually reduced to 3.5mm along with regular rolling with the tru-turf roller. This has seen us achieve good and consistent speeds and a true roll. Heights will be lowered again slightly this week to 3.25mm and triple units will be sent away to get sharpened. This will ensure that we maintain a good quality of cut over the next period and help maintain plant health. Walk mowers will be used in the meantime until units are returned.
    All greens recently had a slow release 14-0-7 granular fertiliser applied and have been sprayed with an iron, seaweed and nitrogen mix to improve colour and appearance.
    Wetting agents and plant growth regulators have been applied regularly along with one application of fungicide to stop disease spread.
    Since the last report, 3 topdressing applications have been applied to firm up and smooth out the surfaces. We have also pencil tined all greens to let some air in and relieve compaction.  Verti-cutting at -2mm has been carried out to help remove some of the seedheads and help reduce thatch build up. This will be carried out more frequently in the coming weeks.
    We carried out hollow coring work on 11, 15 & 17 and brushed in kiln dried sand to fill the holes towards the end of April. So far this has proved very successful, and we have noticed significantly better and drier surfaces on these problematic areas, especially after heavy rainfall.

    Regular cutting of both areas at 7.5mm.
    Approaches have received the same 14-0-7 granular fertiliser as the greens in the last week.
    Tees have had a 12-5-22 granular fertiliser applied to aid growth and recovery. Wetting agent has also been applied twice. Tees have been divoted daily to keep on top of wear due to a high volume of play.

    Fairways, Intermediate & Semi-Rough
    Continued cutting of these areas has been taking place to improve appearance and playability.
    Fairways are cut twice weekly at 11mm height, generally or when possible on dry days to reduce grass clippings lying and looking untidy. Fairways have had had one spray so far this season and will receive a second spray in the coming weeks with iron/nitrogen and a PGR to improve colour and appearance and reduce growth.
    Intermediate rough is also cut twice weekly at a height of 19mm. We have recently extended the intermediate rough at the 8th and 12th to improve the appearance of both holes. 
    Semi-rough currently has been cut fortnightly but due to current growth we will be cutting more regularly, when time allows, to help keep on top and reduce grass clippings. Some select areas will also be sprayed with a PGR to help reduce growth.
    All ditches/ponds/hazards have been cut and strimmed and hazard lines re-painted. This will be done again shortly so these areas can be identified easily.

    Bunkers have been raked daily and washouts fixed as required.
    Fly mowing and strimming of edges has been carried out regularly to maintain appearance. All bunkers were rotovated after the last heavy rainfall to agitate compacted sand and we are currently in the process of adding sand to all the ones with low levels.
    The paths at 8 and 12 have had blaize added to them this week to fill and level potholes and improve appearance. We will continue this work on other areas when time allows.

    With the weather being on the drier side the irrigation system has once again proved invaluable and we have been using it extensively since the system was primed back up in March. We have used it to wash in our topdressing applications and fertiliser apps and this has helped reduce disruption massively and produced far quicker results. It has also given us the opportunity to carry out these tasks when we need rather than the weather dictating when these can be done.
    We have had some issues with a faulty sensor in the tanks of late which will be addressed asap as this has restricted us from switching the system on overnight.

    All machinery has been serviced accordingly but we have had some issues with certain machines over the last few months. Notably the sprayer computer has failed several times and after being sent away and fixed several times at a substantial cost it was agreed that it would be best to replace it. The new computer has now been installed and so far has worked excellently.
    Our tees triple has caused us several issues and continues to do so, this will be replaced when the new greens triple arrives. This has been on order since last year but like so many things just now there is a huge back log and uncertainty on when we will receive this.
    We have also just placed an order for a new rough mower to replace the existing one which is now 13 years old and has caused some issues. We have been advised that lead time is around 18 months due to current circumstances.

    We will be looking to get a day/night organised in the coming weeks for a divoting crew to help carry out this work to all fairways. We will be looking for volunteers to assist with this which is crucial in aiding with recovery of the fairways.
    Volunteers would also be welcome to help with some tasks around the clubhouse area. Tidying of the patio area, flower beds/plant pots and repair and painting of the fences are all jobs that would help improve the appearance and first impressions of the club.
    Thanks go to Elliot Stewart and Callum McGuigan who have been carrying out some hours each morning and some afternoons to rake bunkers, general tidying up and some divoting work. This helps us out massively and their work is very much appreciated.

    We are currently awaiting delivery of a new toilet block at the 9th tee. Work has been carried out to prepare for this and we understand the frustration of not having these facilities available. We have just been informed that the old block will be getting picked up and some portable toilets dropped off as a temporary measure until the new unit arrives. Thank you for your patience while this process takes place.

    Shaun McNaughton