An Update from the Captain


Golf Course Recruitment Strategy

As many of you are now aware, our Course Manager, Archie Dunn has decided to move on to pastures new and he will be leaving us in mid-January. With Archie’s departure, we face a recruitment question of whether to promote internally, modernise our greenkeeping manpower structure or to bring in new vision for the course from an externally sourced hire.

Archie’s legacy is to have positioned us as one of the best courses in Perthshire and in Scotland’s Top 100, a position that we clearly don’t want to lose. The Committee/Management Team have decided to put in place a structure that will allow us to integrate options one and two, to hopefully enable us to maintain that position, whilst also developing the skills necessary for our internally trained staff to develop in the future.

Therefore, in January, Shaun McNaughton, currently Archie’s deputy, will assume the newly created role of Head Greenkeeper and we will not recruit a Course Manager at this time.

We wish Shaun all the very best in the new role. In his role, Shaun will have full responsibility for the management and maintenance of the course, working with our recently appointed Greens Convenor and Management Team, who will provide guidance and support to ensure all aspects lost by Archie’s departure are adequately covered. In addition, to enable Shaun’ personal development ambitions and academic targets required for his future, we plan to engage with Archie on a limited time basis to provide support for the ongoing development of Shaun.

In addition to these appointments, we will shortly be advertising for a Deputy Head Greenkeeper and an Assistant Greenkeeper, the latter being an open vacancy from earlier this year.

Shaun has over 17 years’ experience at the club and has plenty of his own ideas that he is keen to develop and will hopefully prove popular with the members.

Clearly, this strategy, from a membership perspective, will either be liked or disliked, but our decision has been arrived at through a desire to achieve continuity and a will to maintain and enhance our position as one of Scotland’s most desirable golfing venues.

Gary McArthur