Competition News

Knockout Competition Draws 2021
All the draws for the knockout competitions Read more
2020 Role of Honour - The Prizewinners! Files Attachment
All the winners for the 2020 season. Read more
Gents Club Championship 2020
The 2020 Club Championship saw the title go to another first time winner in Rory Franssen with a dominant 7 shot win over last year's champion Ewan Farquharson, with the rest of the field so far back it would appear they were playing in another competition! Congratulations go to Bailey Clark, winner of The Handicap Championship by a single shot from Andrew Livingstone. Read more
Senior Club Championship 2020
The 5th Senior Club Championship took place in conjunction with the Club Championship with Andy Brown, last year's runner-up going one better this year with a 5 shot win over Iain Christie. In the Handicap Championship, Steve Bonnar prevailed by 4 shots over Ian Kaye. Read more
The Tayplay League 2020 Files Attachment
The Tayplay League will begin on Saturday 4th July. The first round of the Club Championship will be the first counting competition. Congratulations to Steven Courtney - Tayplay League Champion 2020! Runner-Up Gareth Jones and third goes to Andrew Livingstone. Read more