All Gentlemen may enter the Summer League. Latest results are attached above.

The Summer League can be played any day on which there is no club competition. The Leagues consist of three sections:

Section 1 – Handicap up to 9
Section 2 – Handicap 10 - 15
Section 3 – Handicap 16 – 36

Due to the handicap used being your National Handicap, the competition software for both eclectics and points moves you to the current section your handicap justifies. E.g. If you started the season on 10 and your handicap drops to 9, you will move to Section 1 and vice versa. Points accrued in any section will be added together. These changes have resulted from the World Handicapping System and the updated software introduced this season, not any decision by the organising committee – if you don’t like it, don’t play.

Joining Fee:      £5.00 (members can join any week)
Weekly Entry:   £2.00 (sweep & Magic 2’s)

All fees are paid at the Pro Shop.

 The Summer League will be a counting competition for handicap. The competition will be run on the Club V1 computer system. All players competing should enter their scores directly into the computer on completion of their round and cards placed into the Summer League box. All cards must be marked by an existing member of the Club who possesses a current handicap.

Prizes will be awarded on a sectional basis at the end of the League Season based on Accumulated Points and Best Gross Eclectic.

Points Competition:
Points will be allocated to the best 6 net scores in each section on the basis 6 points for 1st position, 5 for 2nd etc. with 1 point allocated to 6th place. Prize money will be available each week and distributed by the Pro Shop. The lowest net score each week will qualify for the J. D. Findlay Rosebowl Play-off.

Eclectic Competition:
The eclectic competition will be run using the sum of the best 18 hole gross eclectic score for the course.

The League will be run by D D Smith, Jake Riddell and Gavin Baxter. All decisions made by this committee are final.