There are two competitions again this year. The Sunday only competition and the Super Six (Monday to Saturday) competition. The Sunday League commences on Sunday 15th October, and the Super Six League starts on Monday 16th October. You can play in either league or both! The Winter Leagues culminate with the Winter League Finale to played on Sunday 31st March.

Players are able to join the Leagues at any time. Entry fee £5 for each League to be paid to the Pro Shop.

Entry fee for each round of the League’s is £2.

The League will be run in 3 Sections:
Section 1 (up to 9)
Section 2 (10 – 15)
Section 3 (16 and above)

Players will be put into sections based on their National Handicap on joining the league.

Prizes will be awarded on a sectional basis at the end of the League Season based on Accumulated Points and Best Gross Eclectic.


As the handicap used is your National Handicap, the competition software moves you to the current section your handicap justifies as long as we are on the ‘Yellow’ Measured course and scores count towards that handicap. Eg. If you started on 10 and your handicap moves to 9, you will move to Section 1 and vice versa. Points accrued in any section will be added together. Once winter tees and greens and/or fairway mats are used, competitions will be non-counting and handicaps will not move.
It is the players’ responsibility to ensure that all cards are properly completed and scores entered into the computer. D D Smith, Jake Riddell and Gavin Baxter will administer all competitions and handicaps.

Course of Play
All rounds throughout the competition will be played over one of 2 courses.
· Course A is the normal 18 holes, played off yellow/winter markers.
· Course B is the old course (holes 1-5, 14,15,17,18) played off
yellow/winter markers, but completed twice.

Points Competition
Points will be allocated to the best 6 net scores in each section on the basis: 6 points for 1st position, 5 for 2nd etc., with 1 point allocated to 6th place.
Prize money will be available each week and distributed by the Pro Shop.

Eclectic Competition
The eclectic competition will be run using the sum of the best 18 hole gross eclectic score for each course (ie Score = Course A 18 hole Eclectic + Course B 18 hole Eclectic). Course B scores will only count if this course is used 3 times or more during the season. Only scores completed on either of these two courses will count towards the eclectic contest. Please remember to tick the box on the computer screen to enter the eclectic competition.