So another season is upon us and as such may I take this opportunity to welcome all new members.

For all members, whether they have never had a handicap or have had their handicap lapsed (see list on Handicap Noticeboard), 3 cards must be submitted to gain a handicap. Please note at least one round should be played from the medal tees and all cards must be marked by a member with a current handicap. Please mark cards clearly "for handicap purposes" and enter what card it is, i.e. first, second or third.

There has been some confusion over the last few years as to how many medal rounds need to be played to maintain your handicap. For all members with a current handicap, no less than 3 rounds in medal competitions must be played, and completed, to maintain your handicap. For members who have not yet got a handicap, then they need to submit the statutory 3 cards for allocation purposes and then a further 3 medal rounds to maintain your handicap.

Two years ago, the SGU introduced supplementary rounds to try and help members who have difficulty in playing 3 medal rounds, to maintain their handicaps. As the season progresses and some members feel they are not going to be able to submit the necessary 3 cards to maintain their handicap then they can play supplementary rounds to get their 3 cards. These rounds are played from the yellow tees (non competition). Before playing the member must advise the club professional of his intention to play a supplementary round and as such the score card will be marked accordingly. As normal the card must be marked by a member with a current handicap. Once the round is completed the cards must be signed and returned either to the club professional or left in the office for the attention of the handicap secretary.

May I wish you all a very successful and enjoyable season....... Weather willing.

Best Regards

John Riddell

Match & Handicap Convener